Isobel Holland

My journey to quilting has been a slow progression: skills learnt in other crafts all have a part to play: dressmaking, embroidery, dyeing, rag-rugging,feltmaking, papercrafting and life time of fiddling about with stuff. I also studied Art Design and Textiles at Bradford and Ilkley Community College.

My quiltmaking falls in to two distinct types. I do make bed quilts, but it is art quilts that really capture my imagination. I make a quilt if that is the medium
that best suits an idea and the resulting design, so even now I wouldn’t callmy self a quilter.

The Transistions theme sent me down an alley I hadn’t thought of before joining Etcetera: quilts are stationary, safe and hopefully beautiful, but what if a quilt can transform into something else? How can I design and make a quilt that changes before the viewer’s eyes, and that will be able to hold its own in a quilt show, with all of the severe constraints of hanging time, space, lighting and visual-only engagement with visitors.

Can I make a quilt with a beating heart? Click on the images to enlarge